Alpha, the first letter in the Greek Alphabet, is inspired by industrial environments.
The rendering is classic and also chic.
Annelise Michelson wanted to create a timeless unisex piece expressing strength.
Each item is numbered, giving the wearer a sense of the unique: the Alpha Woman, Alpha Man.
The collection is composed of a unisex bracelet, a choker and hoops.


The Solar collection is inspired by earth, fire and volcanic spaces. Craters are at the origin of a pair of earrings and a gold plated bronze pendant that comes in pale gold and white ceramic, reminiscent of volcanic ashes.
While drawn from the natural world, the collection remains very sculptural, an ode to the work of Anish Kapoor, one of Annelise’s many influences.
A flowing stream of lava is brought to life, here again, in a pair of earrings available in a long or short version in gold, silver, or gunmetal.