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The designer's

This necklace version of the Dechainée totally twists the source material. Wear it with a white shirt and or an otherwise laid-back look to play up its sexy spirit.

What there is
to know

Sterling Silver or Vermeil

Handmade in Paris

Handmade in Paris.

Length: 7 inches

Weight : 9,7 g

Chain link is 0,11 inches wide


In the most Parisian of our collections, the Déchaînée motif (meaning Unchained) is a symbol of freedom, which is a value dear to the House. You can give it to a friend or a lover to tell them that you trust them or to yourself as a keepsake. Fundamentally sculptural, the pieces in this collection come in mini sizes for the more reserved, and in maxi sizes for the more spirited!



Tiny Déchainée Chain Necklace

€360.00 (tax incl.)

Sterling Silver or Vermeil

Handmade in Paris

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