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Characterised by its duality and repetition, the Double Ellipse earring stands out as an instant classic. Elegance suited for every day.

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100% bronze, silver/gold or plated.

Handmade in Paris.
S: Height: 0.98", Length: 0.55"

    Weight of an earring: 5.6g
M: Height: 1.49", Length: 0.78"

    Weight of an earring: 13.9g
L: Height: 1.96", Length: 1.02"

    Weight: 26.3g
Composed of a front Ellipse shaped piece and a back, the front is placed in front of the lobe and the black piece behind.
Sold by pair.

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Vogue, US
Elle spécial été

The Ellipse theme was born following the visit of the Meritxell church built by Ricardo Bofill. The repetition and curve of the arches inspired the whole collection, especially the double Ellipse earrings playing on the duality and difference of scale. The use of color makes the collection more dynamic and more punchy.



Double Ellipse Earrings

€325.00 (tax incl.)

100% bronze, silver/gold or plated.

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