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The designer's

This piece, part of the carnivorous plant series, was conceived as a piercing for those who do not actually have pierced earings. Wear it alone or accompanied by the small Thorn earcuff.

What there is
to know

100% bronze, gold, gun metal or silver plated.

Hansmade in Paris.
Ear jewel clipped to the cartilage.
One size, metal’s flexibility allows to adjust size.
Sold as a single earring; can be worn stacked with the double thorn earcuff.
Height: 0.39", Length: 0.39"


The brand’s iconic theme, Carnivore is a collection that is both punk and glamorous.



Carnivore Earcuff / Little thorns

€188.00 (tax incl.)

100% bronze, gold, gun metal or silver plated.

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