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The Déchainée motif is a symbol of freedom - a value dear to the House. Now available in a bracelet, it's the perfect gift for a friend or your lover as a symbol of bond and strength.

What there is
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100 % Bronze plated in gold or silver

Handmade in Paris.

Bracelet giving form to two broken links. 

Broken links dimensions :

Height : 1 cm ; Length : 2 cm 

Bracelet diameter: 15 cm


In the most Parisian of our collections, the Déchaînée motif (meaning Unchained) is a symbol of freedom, which is a value dear to the House. You can give it to a friend or a lover to tell them that you trust them or to yourself as a keepsake. Fundamentally sculptural, the pieces in this collection come in mini sizes for the more reserved, and in maxi sizes for the more spirited!



Tiny Déchainée Bracelet

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€162.00 (tax incl.)

100 % Bronze plated in gold or silver

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