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The designer's

The gold and silver twists of the Twirl earrings are sculptural and comfortable to wear. Their pure and heady design will delight the most elusive and sensual woman. More than accessories, I designed them as small sculptures whose elegance comes to life in the ears of the wearer!

What there is
to know

100% brass plated gold or silver 

Handmade in Paris

Dangling earrings.

Length : 1,77 inches

Width : 1,18 inches

Weight of an earring: 12,9g

Sold in pair. 

Handmade in Paris


Vertigo is a collection exploring sculpture and metal dynamism.

"I wanted to bring a mysterious and elegant allure through the twisting form" explains Annelise.

Pure lines and sharp volumes playfully get disrupted to finally reach a new harmony. Thus, the earrings adorn the ears by hiding the lobes behind an elegant curve, gold and silver twist around the fingers and the wrists to please elusive and sensual women.



Twirl Earrings

€250.00 (tax incl.)

100% brass plated gold or silver 

Handmade in Paris

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