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It’s no secret by now that I’m obsessed with pinky rings. They’ve become a signature over the years. Precious, elegant, poetic, and bold, the Eden Pinky Ring is my new go-to – I wear it every day with the same pleasure. I usually pair it with the Unity Simple and Double rings in vermeil and silver which gives me the impression that I have precious vines wrapped around my fingers but also makes a real statement: A declaration of love to nature and the connection found between all things living.  

What there is
to know

Vermeil and Sterling Silver 

100% made in Paris

Designed to be worn on the little finger

Weight: 6g

Handmade in Paris


What is vermeil?: Vermeil is an alloy made of solid silver, in this instance polished, and covered with 5 microns of 18-carat yellow gold, considered by many to be the best quality of gold. This precious metal is stamped to guarantee its authenticity, in keeping with customs regulations.

Eden Pinky

€310.00 (tax incl.)

Vermeil and Sterling Silver 

100% made in Paris

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