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The designer's

"The Déchainée signet ring picks up on my broken chain concept while setting itself apart with its different lines and central axes. Try wearing it diagonally for a look that is uniquely modern."

What there is
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Sterling silver or Vermeil

Handmade in Paris

Ring with the smooth side of two broken links.

Broken links dimensions :

Length : 0,59 inches

Width : 0,59 inches

Weight : 7,6 g

Handmade in Paris


In the most Parisian of our collections, the Déchaînée motif (meaning Unchained) is a symbol of freedom, which is a value dear to the House. You can give it to a friend or a lover to tell them that you trust them or to yourself as a keepsake. Fundamentally sculptural, the pieces in this collection come in mini sizes for the more reserved, and in maxi sizes for the more spirited!



Signet Déchainée ring

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Sterling silver or Vermeil

Handmade in Paris

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Size guide

Size guide

To determine the size of your ring, you can use the following baguier.
Each sphere corresponds to the inside diameter of the ring.
For the French size chart, the number in the center indicates your French ring size which is the same as the circumference of your finger in mm. Thus, you can easily find your equivalence in US size with the second table (the number inscribed at the center indicating this time your US ring size).
In order to correctly choose your ring, you can use a ring that you own and find the corresponding diameter on the ring (measure which is under the circle). So that the correspondence is perfect, the circle drawn on the ring should be visible inside the ring.
In case of hesitation between two sizes, we advise you to choose a size above.
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