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The designer's

The Unity collection explores the theme of connection through forms of a complex simplicity. The Unity rings in Simple and Double are the essence of this contradiction: Somewhat classic in their appearance like simple wedding bands, their complexity is revealed in the irregularity of the intertwined golden ties that wrap themselves around the finger. I like to mix them with the other rings of the Unity collection, in vermeil and silver, to accentuate the organic aspect of the design and underline the preciousness of each piece.

What there is
to know

Vermeil or Sterling Silver

Designed to be worn on the ring finger, middle finger or index finger.

Weight: 8.6g

Handmade in Paris


What is vermeil?: Vermeil is an alloy made of solid silver, in this instance polished, and covered with 5 microns of 18-carat yellow gold, considered by many to be the best quality of gold. This precious metal is stamped to guarantee its authenticity, in keeping with customs regulations.


Unity Double Ring

€350.00 (tax incl.)

Vermeil or Sterling Silver

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