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The Designer

Annelise Michelson has always looked at the world through the eyes of a sculptor.

She remembers being enchanted by the softness of pink onyx and fascinated by the depth of the black marble sculptures of her childhood home.

Early on, she viewed materials as a canvas to explore shapes, secrets and stories, that she went on to tell through fabric, gold Lecce stone or Carrara marble. When others are fascinated by emeralds and rubies, she swoons at marble or alabaster.

Whether it is for a sculpture or a piece of jewelry, Annelise carves her creations in the palm of her hand, firstly taming and exploring the volumes, before draping and sculpting the material.

From a block of wax or silver, she extracts sensuality and movement, letting the nature of the material speak in an organic and voluptuous way.

Her designs are chiseled and moulded with determined gestures, albeit with a freedom of movement only a self taught approach ensures. Annelise aims to create sculptures you can wear and live with for ever.

Today, the curves of her sculptures delicately encircle necks and wrists. Tomorrow, she dreams of exporting her creative vision to very large formats: monumental sculptures that will live in natural or urban spaces.

The brand in a few words

Annelise Michelson sees the world through sculptor's eyes.

She reveals the stories hidden in stone, marble or silver, to create powerful and sensual sculptures, to wear or admire.

Her sculpted designs are emblems of strength, crafted in Paris with love, to be with you for a lifetime.

Brand Manifesto 

Welcome to a world of sculpture.

Where every material is transformed to tell a new story.

Where every curve is shaped to reveal a new beginning.

Annelise Michelson has always seen the world through the eyes of a sculptor.

From stone to silver, she carves sculptures you can wear forever.

Powerful emblems of strength for him and her, these sculpted designs become delicate and timeless armors.

Sculptures transformed into jewelry, so that jewelry can in turn become sculpture.

Annelise Michelson

Sculpting jewelry since 2012