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De la sculpture

The Origins

Annelise Michelson's love of sculpture goes back to her childhood. Growing up, her mother, an opera singer, and her father, an art lover, entertained many artist friends in the family home, all of whom would leave a lasting impression on Annelise. As a child, she spent many hours in their studios. Although her love of raw materials initially led her to fashion, she remained fascinated with volume and the infinite possibilities offered by space. Very quickly, she found her calling in the world of jewellery where she succeeded in translating her visions into metal. The masterful pieces that made her famous were likened to works of art in their own respect, and the press immediately spoke of sculptural, powerful, and sensual jewellery.

Les origines
Du métal à la pierre
Annelise Michelson's first sculpture

From metal to stone

Very quickly, the young designer wanted to create pieces with even more spectacular dimensions and with no end goal other than finding the perfect balance of form, finessing the beauty of the line and the elegance of volumes. This led her to create her very first sculpture in Paris, carved out of plaster, in her own flat: Trois Stèles was born. 

This made her thirst for creative freedom all the greater, and she found herself in Italy. It was in Puglia that she met Renzo Buttazzo who taught her the rudiments of sculpture in Lecce stone. This first initiatory journey was like a revelation. The challenge of stone requires time, strength, and precision, but she also found it an exhilarating and creatively stimulating process. 

The handling of the hammer and chisel came as a matter of course. A logical continuation of what she was already doing in Paris with her jewellery collections, the transition from metal to stone was a natural one. Her first pieces, which she exhibited in her Parisian showroom, were noticed and soon, the first orders arrived.

First orders

Among them, a commission from WallPaper to make a piece for the Handmade X: With Love exhibition during Milan Designers Week in 2019. Consisting of a pair of stone seats whose shapes answer to one another and form a whole when placed face to face, Annelise's piece Phylia, was inspired by Plato's myth of the Androgyne and handmade in Italy. 

Annelise Michelson appartement - art
Annelise Michelson appartement - art
Pair of stools ordered by Wall Paper Order : Phylia & Annelise personal creation

New explorations

Since then, the designer/sculptor's artistic initiation has continued in Kyoto, Japan, where she was introduced to ceramics, a process similar to the shaping of the wax prototypes that later become her signature pieces of metal jewelry  Here, inspired by the Zen philosophy, she creates pure, sober, and elegant pieces that enrich her creative palette.

The Gallery-Store

The Gallery-Store

In September 2022 the Gallery-Boutique opens, this space has been designed as an immersive experience in form by Annelise Michelson. The space and furniture are sculpted to enhance the jewelry and sculptures of marble and alabaster.